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    October 2013
    Time: 6:04
    USD 413.15
    EUR 569.16
    RUB 11.44
    GBP 691.65

    Come to see mountainous fortified monasteries, river canyons, castles, forests and plains, coupled with the beauty of Lake Sevan, the second largest navigable alpine lake in the world.


    During these days you will not only taste the unforgettable Armenian grapes in the liquid form of brandy and wine, but also get acquainted with the history of Armenia by visiting different historical sights.


    This tour is for those travelers who want to explore Armenia and its spiritual and cultural legacies. In addition to experiencing the history of Armenia through its monasteries the sightseers will also spend time in the capital Yerevan, enjoy traditional meals and folk music.


    A very good experience to learn and know ancient forest and mountainous nature typical for Armenia. The trip focuses on local culture, wilderness adventures, volunteering and personal growth. 


    This year, or next, why not plan a trip to Armenia and Georgia.  For enthusiasts wish to expand the world view, we offer combined tours. Both countries have a variety of historical sites where visitors can get a glimpse of the culture.


    If you dream of a luxurious tour through which you can view stunning natural wonders, visit three world heritage sites, GoArmenia gives you that chance. Enjoy Armenia - the country of richness and diversity all year round.


    During the trip you will visit the most popular monuments in Armenia as well as Nagorno Karabakh. You will have the chance to take the longest cable car in Armenia to get to Tatev monastery.


    An amazing journey for those, who want to discover the natural beauty and legendary taste of Armenian and Georgian wines.



    Located in central Yerevan, Marriott Armenia Hotel Yerevan is a business friendly hotel within walking distance of Republic Square and National Gallery of Armenia.