Uncover the hidden depths of this beautiful and mysterious land.

(Nature) Armenia is well known for its great variety in scenery and landscape. It is a volcanic land and each quarter of the country has multiple choices of scenic attractions. You will experience an unspoiled medieval feel while the major cities are vibrant with a newfound buzz. The landscapes are breathtaking with jagged alpine peaks, isolated rural communities, vineyards and orchards and above all incredibly hospitable people.

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An unforgettable journey to the Caucasus

(Sites) Explore the cosmopolitan Yerevan, 13 th capital of Armenia, with enthralling history both ancient
and modern. This is a country packed full of UNESCO sites, with remote mountaintop monasteries
and iron age ruins. A visit to Lake Sevan and Garni temple is a must, as is a tasting of the famed local
Armenian cognac. An adventure for the truly intrepid, this year it is time to visit the South Caucasus.

(Culture) The fascinating journey to the heart of the Caucasus offers a surprising taste of old world
Eastern European charm. Armenia was one of the first countries to adopt Christianity and, so there are
magnificent early medieval churches in abundance in the most unexpected locations. Armenia boast
thousands of years of history and a rich cultural heritage of music, art, poetry and dance. The food is
delicious and hearty and reflects the history and geography where Armenians have lived as well as
shared influences from Eastern Europe, The Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Land of Noah

(Ararat) Armenia is located in the highlands surrounding the peaks of Mt. Ararat in the South
Caucasus. Legend marks this as the landing place for Noah’s Ark in the Biblical story of the Great
Flood. The marvellous adaptation of the Armenian people, their exemplary spiritual strength and the
establishment of enduring culture have made possible ​​the consolidation of a lineage that for millennia,
has kept alive the legacy of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.